Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler mobbed in NY

There’s just no peace on the Aerosmith tour these days (see here and here for more details).

Steven Tyler was mobbed by autograph seekers in New York as he entered Trump Plaza Hotel last night.

Upon arriving, things were fine as Tyler started signing autographs for the crowd, but the scene turned nasty when some of the group turned aggressive. A shoving match ensued, and an associate of Tyler’s (security guy, maybe?) got caught in the middle – for some reason, he ended up in a choke-hold by someone in the mob.

Tyler tried to cool the situation, by asking the group to “chill, chill.” The Aerosmith frontman then made his way inside the hotel and, again, tried to calm things down. “Shut up! Shut the f**k up!,” said Tyler, “You just f**ked with my guy, ok? I’ll give you guys what you want,” as he continued to sign stuff for the group.

Tyler was aware that video was rolling on the scene; he even pushed the camera away, at one point.

In my opinion, the group appears to be made up of “professional” autograph hounds – the type who are only looking to resell signed items – “real” fans don’t tend to be so aggressive.

TMZ has the video here.