Friday, November 12, 2010

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has never seen American Idol

Steven Tyler admits he has never watched American Idol, and now that he's a judge, it's not what he was expecting, "it was more," he said in an interview with FOX40 Sacramento’s Bethany Crouch.

FOX 40 caught up with Tyler in San Francisco this week during Idol auditions.

The Aerosmith frontman says he was out touring or "doing other wild things" for the last 40 years and has not watched a previous episode of the show.

When asked about his opinion of up-and-coming musicians now, he said he originally thought people need to go to clubs and go on tours, but "now there are no clubs for people to perform in."

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American Idol story – includes Steven Tyler interview
FOX 40 Sacramento – November 11, 2010


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