Friday, December 17, 2010

American Idol: Steven Tyler is the new Paula Abdul

Steven Tyler is reportedly proving to be a hit with American Idol bosses.

ShowbizSpy reports the Aerosmith rocker — who replaced Simon Cowell on the hit TV talent show — has impressed producers by being perpetually confused and lacking focus.

And insiders believe Tyler will become the new Paula Abdul!

“Steven’s the new Paula Abdul,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer, “and producers couldn’t be happier.”

“He’s hilarious! Viewers are in for a real treat when they watch the auditions in January! Steven’s incredibly comical without realizing it. Who’d have thought it was possible to out-ditz Paula?

Tyler was asked during a recent interview if Idol, so far, has been everything that he expected prior to taking on the gig.

“No. It’s actually more,” he replied. “I thought that most people have to go to clubs and be on tour for 40 years, but it’s a different world now and there’s not even clubs for kids to play in.

“I mean, there are — there’s ways to grow up like that. But I’ve been very surprised with… And look, some ['Idol' hopefuls] are 14 and feel entitled and can’t sing at all.

“And some are 14 and blew me away. I could not believe what I heard. And keep in mind, you’re looking at a guy that never watched the show; I was on tour. They pulled me off tour to do the show. I’ve, serious, been on tour for 40 years, so I didn’t watch this. Either that or I was off doing some other wild things, you know what I’m saying?!”

Aerosmith – Crazy (1993)

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