Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bachman & Turner: Fred Turner follows the Def Leppard exercise plan

It’s no secret that working out to your favorite tunes can push you harder, faster and farther than you thought possible, helping you get/stay fit while shedding some excess pounds.

Just ask Fred Turner, formerly of BTO and now reunited with legendary guitarist Randy Bachman as Bachman & Turner.

"We were doing the High Voltage Festival (in England a few months ago) and former Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott had the dressing room next to ours," Turner tells the Winnipeg Free Press.

"I met Joe and said to him: 'You're responsible for 120 pounds.' "

The Englishman, who grew up on pounds for payment, looked totally gobsmacked.

"You got the wrong idea!" said Turner, laughing. "I took off 120 pounds listening to Hysteria on my treadmill."

Turner's musical partner, Randy Bachman, took off about 150 pounds around 2003, so the band has lost a total of 270 pounds.

"We get out on the road, and the rigors of the road put on a few pounds, but then we get home and work it off," says Turner.

Bachman & Turner are off to the Juno Awards in mid-March to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. "Randy and I are both 67, with birthdays two-and-half-weeks apart in the fall."

So do they take it easier now? "I don't think so,” said Turner. “That's why we had to lose the weight!"

Bachman & Turner – medley
98th CFL Grey Cup
Commonwealth Stadium – Edmonton, AB – November 28, 2010