Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bachman & Turner rock CFL’s Grey Cup

Rockers Bachman & Turner shook the foundations of Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton on Sunday as they played the halftime show at the 98th CFL Grey Cup.

The two former member of Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO), Randy Bachman and Fred Turner reconnected earlier this year for a new album, “Bachman & Turner,” following a 20-year hiatus.

When the two stars went their separate ways in 1977, Randy Bachman continued to pursue his unwavering love for music as a solo artist, as well as being part of the much-celebrated The Guess Who reunion, then Bachman-Cummings, and subsequently establishing himself as a jazz artist and host of the CBC/Sirius radio show, "Vinyl Tap." Meanwhile, Fred Turner carried on with the other members of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, before retiring from music at the end of the '90s to indulge his passion for cars.

But the two had lingering feelings, which persisted for over a decade, that they weren't done just yet. Then last year, Bachman was working on a solo album, for which he wanted to invite different vocalists to contribute. He first asked Turner to sing on a track called "Rock 'n' Roll is the Only Way Out."

"It was perfect for his gritty, refrigerator-sized voice," explains Bachman. "It turned out so incredible that I asked if he wanted to sing on a few more. He sent me some of his original material, and from that it morphed into a Bachman & Turner project."

Since then the duo hasn’t looked back, hitting the studio to record a new album, making their performance debut at the Sweden Rock Festival, and hitting the road.

At the Grey Cup, B&T played a killer medley featuring BTO hits and “Slave To The Rhythm,” a track from their new album, before a packed house of 63,000 Canadian football fans.

Bachman & Turner – medley
98th CFL Grey Cup Halftime Show
Commonwealth Stadium – Edmonton, AB – November 28, 2010

A crazy video from the band’s rehearsal is making waves on YouTube this week...

A stadium worker is rocking out to Bachman & Turner; watch and see what happens…

Bachman & Turner – rehearsal
98th CFL Grey Cup
Commonwealth Stadium – Edmonton, AB