Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guns N’ Roses guitarist trashes Axl/Slash reunion rumours

Guns N' Roses guitarist D.J. Ashba says Axl Rose has basically said that “it will be a cold day in hell" before Rose works together again with former GNR guitarist Slash.

Ashba – who plays Slash in the current version of GNR (right down to the top hat and stage poses) – made the comments during a phone interview with Triple M radio in Sydney, Australia on Saturday.

Triple M DJ Becko referenced alleged rumours that Axl and Slash might work together again (where did those come from?).

"That's completely false," said Ashba. "I know Axl really, really well, and he basically said that it would be a cold day in hell [before they work together]. But, that being said, obviously I don't know the inside insight and I'm just happy to be in the shoes of an amazing, legendary guitar player. It's really a treat for me to stand on stage next to somebody like Axl and [the rest of] this band. Everybody in this band is just top-notch musicians."

When asked about being on time for the Sydney show, Ashba laughed it off. "It isn't even Axl that's late, it's always our room service that's late. We're waiting to eat before we go on," Ashba joked.

Which doesn’t exactly explain the news that Rose was late for the show in Townsville last week because he was enjoying a “cool movie in his hotel room and he was digging it.”

Maybe Axl should be the only guy doing press interviews for the band…

Guns N' Roses – D.J. Ashba interview
Triple M – Sydney, AU – December 4, 2010

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle
ANZ Stadium - Sydney, AU – December 4, 2010

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