Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aerosmith begin work on new album without Joe Perry

Aerosmith are back in the saddle.

Well, most of Aerosmith is: there’s still no sign of guitarist Joe Perry.

But longtime Aerosmith collaborator Marti Frederiksen insists the group has been very productive during its first few days of writing for a new album at his studio Monrovia, Calif.

"It's been really good, great," Frederiksen tells "We've been playing songs, putting together riffs, having fun, laughing and working from noon to 11 (p.m.) We're just digging in, man."

Frederiksen began working on Jan. 22 with frontman Steven Tyler, guitarist Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer, with plans to continue through Feb. 2, when Tyler begins his live appearances as an "American Idol" judge. Guitarist Joe Perry was unable to attend the sessions due to an unspecified commitment, according to Frederiksen, but his bandmates were "missing" him.

The group put together four songs in its first three days of working together, though Frederiksen notes they're not necessarily finished products. "We're trying to move quick and not necessarily finish up songs and make them complete but just get a lot of stuff to choose from," he says.

Ultimately, he predicts, "I think we can wind up with a lot of good stuff, and they've got a lot of great stuff already from the past" -- including a series of sessions with Brendan O'Brien in 2008 -- "that hasn't been finished, a whole stockpile that just needs to be produced up. I think they'll be in pretty good shape."

The album will be Aerosmith's first since 2004's "Honkin' on Bobo."

Check out the full Aerosmith story at Billboard here.

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Aerosmith – Back in The Saddle
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