Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alice Cooper: baffled by Robert Plant turning down Led Zeppelin reunion

“What is Robert Plant out there doing? Playing folk music!
What is he doing?”

- Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper knows his rock history: he was there to witness, and make, much of it himself.

The Class Of 2011 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee will turn 63 on Friday, and loves the opportunity to celebrate rock’s past on his “Nights with Alice Cooper” radio show.

“There is so much great, lost music,” Cooper tells the Palm Springs Boxing Examiner. “Listen to the radio today; they are playing the same 60 songs. If you like Led Zeppelin, you will love the Yardbirds. There is no Led Zeppelin without the Yardbirds. I like to educate people to the fact there was a lot of great music lost in the 60s and 70’s.”

Cooper was baffled when he was told fellow rocker Robert Plant confessed that he may be too old to perform Led Zeppelin songs.

“I go out on stage and say ‘turn it up,'” said Alice. “I never get tired of playing my songs.”

“They are just standing there,” Cooper added. “What is so hard? Jimmy Page wants to do it. John Paul Jones wants to do it. And they got Bonham’s son [Jason], who is a killer drummer. All they need is Robert Plant. But what is Robert Plant out there doing? Playing folk music! What is he doing?”

Read Alice’s full interview at the Palm Springs Boxing Examiner here.

Alice Cooper Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper – School’s Out
BBC - Top Of The Pops - 1972

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