Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Robbie Robertson to write autobiography

Robbie Robertson has stories. Plenty of stories.

As one of the architects of The Band, who went on to legendary heights following the initial guidance of Ronnie Hawkins, Robertson has had an exemplary music career.

Now, Robbie’s getting set to put his stories down on paper for history’s sake, telling Reuters that he will begin work on his autobiography in a few months.

This new effort follows a couple of aborted attempts with ghost writers, but Robertson remains excited at the prospect of getting the job done.

"I'm very excited about doing it," Robertson told Reuters. "I just have to roll up my sleeves, get a cabin in the woods and do it properly."

He said he considered collaborating on the project with highly regarded writers on three separate occasions. But it quickly dawned on him that he could do a better job of telling his stories about the rise and fall of The Band, and his work with the likes of Bob Dylan and Martin Scorsese.

Not only will it be a solo endeavor, but he is also leaving untouched a hefty pile of memoirs by the likes of Dylan, Keith Richards, Patti Smith and former bandmate Levon Helm.

"I keep thinking, is it good for me to look at these, or is there just a pure innocence about me just going into this?," said Robbie. "I don't know if I want to know what somebody else did in their thing. But I do have a structure that I've started to sort out in mind."

On April 5, Robertson delivers "How To Become Clairvoyant," his first solo album in 13 years; Eric Clapton plays on seven tracks on the record.