Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ted Nugent coffee now available

Besides guns, God, America, nature, hunting and rock n’ roll, what does it take to get Ted Nugent up in the morning?

Nuge Java.

Yup. Ted Nugent has his own line of coffee.

Uncle Ted has teamed up with the Evelyn Bay Coffee Company, Ltd. to offer a selection of regular and decaf beverages, including:

* The Wackmaster Sunrize
A coffee with lots of body and hearty flavor... a "bold" morning coffee...Ted has taught us about being BOLD, has he not?

* The Fred Bear Blend
Light, smooth, and very little aftertaste. A great after dinner coffee...literally, a gift from the "Spirit of the Wind"!

* Ted’s Hunt Blend
A medium bodied "all day" coffee...in the blind, the boat or taking a break in the woods. This is about "up-grade"...enjoying the hunt AND the "nectar of the Gods."

* The Misty Dusk
Bold, rich in aroma...this dark roast coffee provides a hearty flavor in the cup. This is "intense" and Ted knows the meaning of INTENSE!

* NEW! Serengeti Sunset Coffee
This newest creation for Ted Nugent is a coffee that is very dark and rich with plenty of body, a marked acidity, and full flavor.

Ted is throwing in a “Spirit Of The Wild” decal – from his tv series – when you buy 2 pounds or more of his Nuge Java.

“My life of rock-n-roll and hunting is a stimulating adventure every day,”
says Ted. “There is nothing average about my days, including my morning joe. Nuge Java prepares me for an amazing American Dream every morning. It’s Spiritual Rocketfuel!”

Check out Nuge Java at its own website here.

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