Friday, May 27, 2011

VIDEO: Slash featured on South Park

The guitarist is the hat is everywhere, but he’s not real.

That was one of the messages delivered on this week’s new South Park episode, “Crack Baby Athletic Association,” which mixed a sports-themed storyline with rock n’ roll guitarist Slash.

In the episode, Clyde and Craig need to find Slash for their boss Eric Cartman so that he can play at the event EA Sports is sponsoring. Clyde calls his parents when he can’t find Slash and they explain that Slash is make-believe, that he is actually based on the Dutch legend of the Vünter Slauche.

If you think Cartman and the boys were surprised to hear the news about Slash, imagine what the guitarist must have been thinking, as he posted the following note to Facebook following the program.

“I'm not......real? : ( “

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