Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guns N’ Roses guitarist shares Axl Rose bar fight story

After years in the business, and working with bands like Guns N’ Roses, Sixx A.M., Beautiful Creatures and BulletBoys, guitarist DJ Ashba must have tones of stories in his back pocket.

While promoting the new Sixx A.M. disc and book, “This Is Gonna Hurt,” Ashba shared one of his road stories with Angela Villand of Guitar International.

“Oh, there are so many funny times,” said Ashba. “Oh my god, I’m tryin’ to think, man – with all the chaos that went on, there are so many good ones.”

“I remember there was a time when me and Axl [Rose] got in a bar fight,”
Ashba continued. “We kicked the livin’ s**t outta this dude. [Laughing] First of all, he snuck into this private after show party that was just held for the band and the crew. So it was this drunk, obnoxious guy, big dude. He walks in and he’s telling everyone there he’s our manager and we’re like ‘What the f**k is he talking about?’ Anyway, he was asked to leave several times and didn’t. He actually turned around at one point and punched one of our tour managers. I saw it, so I grabbed the guy by his throat and slammed him up against the wall and I said, “You need to f**kin’ leave now!”

You’d think that would probably have been the end of it…but, no.

“I walked him over to the door, and he turned around and punched me in the face, so I just started unloading on him,” added Ashba. Axl saw him hit me and flipped and jumped in, so we’re stompin’ this guy to a pulp, but it was all in good fun.”

“Then, what was funny about it is, about three hours later we get done partyin’, went up and the guy’s a bloody mess sittin’ in the lobby. We walk up and he apologizes for being a douchebag and then he asks if he can get pictures with us and autographs. So we’re taking pictures with this guy we literally kicked the s**t out of. It was all good; we all laughed about it at the end, he even laughed. He was like “Yeah, it was my fault. I was bein’ a total dick.” It was one of those things where it was just a funny moment.”

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Guns N’ Roses – Get In The Ring (1991)

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