Friday, June 3, 2011

Guns N Roses guitarist survives car crash

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal is recovering from minor injuries he sustained in a road accident that involved four cars.

Thal was driving his silver Toyota on Tuesday when an “SUV just plowed into me full speed,” he tweeted from the scene. “Car is totalled, 2 other cars she smashed me into. Well enough to tweet, means I'm not dead yet.”

Thal later posted a photo of his car (see above), saying “Thank you Toyota for the functional seat belt, air bags & crumple zone, you saved my skull.”

Rock star or not, the guitarist went through the same aftermath as anyone else in the same situation.

“I've spent 24 hours dealing with car rental, insurance and collision folks, banks and police — as the injuries begin to reveal themselves," letting fans know he was OK. “O please, I'm in GNf'nR - this is all like a walk in the park, lol! B'doom CHA! (That was a joke btw... tapping mic... 'this thing on?').”

Thursday brought about a visit to the doctor. “Medical checkup this morning, don't seem to have any major issues other than a hairy back and a funny voice."

Thal has a solo show to do on Saturday in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, and he has no plans to cancel. “Neck injury can do funny things to guitar playing... (hold your ears on Saturday, ahh!!!)”

Guns N’ Roses next confirmed live date is headlining the final night of Rock In Rio on October 2.

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