Friday, July 15, 2011

The Scorpions: Big City Nights documentary due in 2013

Given the rash – and success – of rock documentaries over the past couple of years (everyone from Rush to Lemmy to Foo Fighters have jumped in), it makes sense for The Scorpions to get in on the action, given the band’s current touring status.

The Scorpions are, by far, the most successful German rock band and one of the most successful international acts of all time. After more than 40 years and 2,000 concerts in 60 countries, they will make their final curtain call and step away from what has defined them for decades — their fans, their tours and their way of life. And along the way, the band will show once more what they do best: playing live. They will be performing more than 200 concerts in their final three-year tour and using the time to record a farewell CD with original and covered songs.

The final farewell is still in the distant future – but all involved realize more and more that the last concert is on the horizon.

With that in mind, Deutsche Welle is producing the 90-minute documentary called "Big City Nights - The Scorpions Story" for a 2013 release.

"Big City Nights - The Scorpions Story" will accompany the Scorpions on their final journey around the world - from Thailand to Russia, Germany and Belgium to Brazil - capturing the emotions of the fans, the crew and the band at this important moment in the group’s history.

The film will also take a look the band's beginnings with archive material from the most important moments in Scorpions’' history — the happiness, sadness, setbacks and despair. Companions and friends like Jon Bon Jovi and Paolo Coelho describe the Scorpions "phenomena." In addition, the filmmakers will accompany them in the recording studio in Hannover and take a look at their private lives.

"Big City Nights - The Scorpions Story" will be directed by the internationally renowned documentary and filmmaker Katja von Garnier. The documentary film will be premiered in early 2013 and be broadcast on DW-TV and Arte (Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne), a Franco-German TV network); the film will also be released on DVD.

Check out a trailer for the film here.

The Scorpions play a couple of shows this weekend in their German homeland, including Schweinfurt (16) and Bielefeld (17).

Scorpions Scorpions

The Scorpions – Big City Nights (1984)

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