Sunday, July 24, 2011

VIDEO: Anthrax rock Heavy T.O. festival

Anthrax were on hand Saturday for the inaugural edition of the Heavy T.O. festival in Toronto, appearing on the first of a two-day event.

Held at Downsview Park, Heavy T.O. is an offshoot of Heavy MTL, the metal fest that’s been happening in Montreal for a few years now.

Megadeth headlined day 1, with other sets delivered by Motorhead, Opeth, Childron Of Bodom, Diamond Head and others; since the two festivals were running on the same weekend, many of these bands were headed to Montreal to play Sunday’s show following their Toronto appearance.

Anthrax Anthrax

Anthrax - Indians
Heavy T.O. – Downsview Park - Toronto, ON – July 23, 2011

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