Monday, August 22, 2011

Preview new Alice Cooper

Previews of two new songs from the upcoming Alice Cooper album, “Welcome 2 My Nightmare,” are now available.

Samples of "I'll Bite Your Face Off" – the first single - and "Caffeine" can be checked out at Amazon UK here.

“I’ll Bite Your Face Off” saw its live debut on the opening night of Alice’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy" summer tour, which launched May 12 in Elizabeth, Indiana. The show is still on the road, with its final few gigs happening this week in Scranton, PA (23), Northampton, MA (25), Buffalo (26) and wraps up on the 27th in Alice’s original hometown of Detroit.

Due September 13 – “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” is the sequel to Alice’s 1975 concept album, recorded with longtime Cooper collaborator Bob Ezrin (who worked on the original, among others).

"[Producer Bob Ezrin and I] started talking about 'Welcome To My Nightmare', which I think is our biggest triumph," Cooper told last October. "He mentioned, 'What if Alice had another nightmare?' And we wrote three songs right there. He got really involved in it. Bob is even darker than I am."

"When I listen to the first 'Nightmare', I've got all kinds of things going on,"
said Alice. "There's a lot of hard rock on it, but it'll go way off in a weird direction in one song and then way off in other direction for another song. So where 'Welcome To My Nightmare' left off, this one starts right up. When it comes out it'll have an entire new production around it, probably as big as the original 'Nightmare' show. It'll be a big moment in my career."

Cooper confirmed the album was completed last fall. "'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' is done,” said the rocker. “It's just sitting there."

Alice Cooper Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper – I’ll Bite Your Face Off
Horseshoe Southern Indiana - Elizabeth, IN - May 12, 2011

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