Monday, October 17, 2011

VIDEO: Axl Rose says drunken Slash peed himself often

More crazy Guns N' Roses footage has surfaced but - unlike the last one, where Axl Rose was yelling at fans to “get the f**k away from me” while arriving at an airport in Argentina, this one shows the singer actually communicating with some of his fans.

But Slash is not going to be happy about this clip.

It’s video of Axl hanging out with some fans in the restaurant at the Hotel Sheraton in Asunción, Paraguay, prior to GNR's October 14 headlining concert in the city.

In the clip, Rose talks about the early days of GNR, when he and Slash used to pick up girls.

“So, I would out-drink him [Slash],” begins Axl. “And then he would pass out. It was great – because he would pass out and piss his pants, and then I would get to be with the girl. So I’d always follow Slash because I knew he was gonna pass out and then I would get the girl. I mean, the girl would be like – ‘AHHHHH (screams), he just peed in my bed.’ And I’d be like, ‘It’s Ok, it’s OK’ (gesture of stroking girls’ hair to calm her down).”

“He would be embarrassed that he pissed the bed, so he didn’t care about the girl,”
continued Axl when questioned further. “The next day, he would ignore it. Like he says it in his book, and [that it happened] once, but no – it happened every time, all the time. S if he was with a hot girl, I’d go, ‘I’ll go out with the guy, too.’”

Sounds like Axl is saying Slash used to get “hotter” girls and he’d just wait the situation out, in order to be with one, himself – not the most flattering scenario for either of the guys, actually.

This warm and fuzzy fan moment of Axl’s sure isn’t going to help things if GNR gets voted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next year…and the band has to reconnect for the appearance. We’ll know mid-December what’s up on the RRHOF front.

I believe the (ahem) ball's now is Slash's court on this one...

Guns N' Roses - Axl talks to fans about Slash
Hotel Sheraton - Asunción, Paraguay - October 14, 2011

Guns Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses – Yesterdays (1991)

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