Thursday, November 10, 2011

VIDEO: Axl Rose explains Guns N’ Roses' late starts

Guns N’ Roses fans will experience the full Axl Rose interview on VH1’s That Metal Show, airing on 11/11/11 as part of the station’s “National Metal Day.”

For the broadcast event, TMS host Eddie Trunk interviewed Axl following GNR's October 29 show in Miami.

During the session, Axl and the TMS guys speak about a bunch of subjects, including one of the most-debated issues surrounding the band: why Axl can’t seem to get himself on stage, at a reasonable hour, so as not to inconvenience fans who are paying the man’s wages.

The lateness issue is the topic of the latest teaser clip issued by TMS.

Here’s part of Axl’s explanation:

"Well, [I'm] not complaining or [saying this] to be a wuss or whatever, but a lot of times, the day of show, for some reason, [that's when] things start going wrong,” begins Rose. “People are making mistakes — you're making mistakes, they're making mistakes — and nobody even knows why. It's like things that you go, 'Well, I should know this.' It's like everybody gets hit by A.D.D. or whatever. And so, you're trying to sort through that, and get yourself in the right headspace and physical, whatever, that you've got to work through… It's more like sports and having to play the big game. I think we're doing better as far as that goes [nowadays]."

"A lot of this goes way, way back, though, to 1991 when we were super-late going on stage,”
he somehow continued, as if events from 20 years ago were still relevant in this context today. “And that really more has to do with I should not have been on tour. I only went on tour because of three reasons. My manager had booked a tour without authorization — he just booked a tour — and then I'm gonna be sued for it. He was also telling me that if Slash dies of [a] heroin [overdose], or whatever, it's my fault. And Slash pushing me. I should not have agreed to that tour, but I didn't know how to get out of it after it was booked.”

“And the only thing that started cutting down the late times was when I realized it was really being hard on the crew,”
Axl said. “The band didn't care about me, so my head wasn't about them. The public, like I said, it was a different kind of violent crowd; it was a back-and-forth thing whether they wanted you to succeed or tear you apart. But the big thing was that the crew was having trouble, that was really supportive of me, and they weren't getting enough sleep. And I didn't want anybody getting hurt. And once that happened, I started getting myself… figuring out a way to get there sooner. But it was also about trying to get the album done, get the album out. There was a lot to what was going on there.”

Axl then reached back in his life to the crux of the matter: he’s just always been late for everything, as if it’s somehow beyond his control.

“I lived right behind my school and I couldn't make it to the class in grade school,” he explains. “I had a job at the grocery store down the street and I'm running down the street with wet hair, trying to tie my tie, and a sandwich in one hand."

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