Thursday, May 24, 2012

VIDEO: Gregg Allman interviewed on Piers Morgan Tonight

Gregg Allman is out spreading the word about his newly-released autobiography, “My Cross To Bear.”

The book is billed as Allman telling “the full, unflinching tale of his life on stage and off, from becoming rock royalty, to his string of failed marriages including his marriage to Cher, to his decades-long struggle with drugs and alcohol. In his unforgettable voice, Allman offers a vivid portrait of growing up with his brother, Duane, in the 1960s South, a place of uneasy racial and cultural transformation, where a new sound emerged--the sound of slide guitar co-mingling with keyboards and wailing vocals.”

On Tuesday, Gregg stopped by Piers Morgan Tonight for an interview with the CNN host.

Morgan’s ego got the best of him when he learned that Allman was engaged to be married a 7th time; Piers’ tacky tabloid instincts kicked in and he couldn’t stop talking about getting a “scoop” on the topic from his guest. Somehow, Piers attempted to make Gregg’s news more about himself than his invited guest.

Asked what make the Allman brother take the plunge again with 24-year-old fiancée Shannon, Gregg replied, “Well, because this time I am really in love.”

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