Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black Star Riders talk new song with Thin Lizzy vibe

Former Thin Lizzy members – now known as Black Star Riders - entered the studio this week with producer Kevin Shirley to record their debut album.

The group adopted the new band name out of respect to the legacy of the late Phil Lynott and to start the project with a clean slate.

Black Star Riders have said the album will feature material the band wrote whilst touring as Thin Lizzy, and the group says the sound retains that classic feel but is very much its own as well.

Now, guitarist Damon Johnson explains the roots of a new track, “Hoodoo Voodoo.”

Thin Lizzy was the music of my life, especially those great guitar parts,” says Johnson from the studio. “There was something about this riff that very much sounds like it could have been on ‘Johnny The Fox’ or ‘Bad Reputation.’ I had this moment in there today when we were tracking it and Scott and I were like standing right in front of each other…his vibrato is one of the greatest of all time and I’ve totally tried to emulate Scott my whole life…and I had this moment of ‘holy shit, I’m in the studio with Scott Gorham, playing a lick that I came up with one morning that sounds just like Thin Lizzy.’”

Thin Lizzy Thin Lizzy

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