Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sebastian Bach working on autobiography

While promoting his new live DVD set, “ABachalypse Now,” rocker Sebastian Bach is sharing some details about another project: his autobiography.

“I'm working on it now and I have a big offer from a big book company,” Bach tells Metal Shrine. “I'm pretty much the only rock and roller who doesn't have a book. I'm working on it now, actually.”

Asked if he would reveal all the stories from his rock n’ roll past, Sebastian explains, “Someone said that it's not proper to put people down in a book and I agree with that. Sometimes when I read books and the author is bitter and wants to put people down, it doesn't come across well in the book, to me. I want it to be a positive book. I don't want to rip people apart or put them down. I don't like that in books.”

Bach also revealed that he is working on the project on his own.

“When I first got the deal, they wanted me to use a co-writer and I thought that was bullshit,” he says, “but at the same time, I had proved to them that I was capable of writing a book, so they said, ‘OK, we'll give you a chance.’ I wrote, like, 25 pages and they loved it. They loved my writing and they said, ‘Yeah, Sebastian, you can write it all on your own!’ That was extremely important to me and like a milestone. I said, ‘I can? Wow!’”

“It meant a lot to me, so I'm taking it very seriously and I don't plan on writing just one book over the course of my life,” continued Bach. “I'd like to write more than one. I love Henry Rollins' books! His books are amazing, like ‘Black Coffee Blues’ and ‘Get In The Van.’. He's just a great writer and I love the way he writes. I used to write on my web site all the time and now I'm just kinda taking it off the Internet and putting it into the pages of the book. That's what I'm trying to do. “

Bach places no timeline on the book project, as he is also working on music for a new solo album.

Check out the full Sebastian Bach interview at Metal Shrine here.

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