Sunday, February 23, 2014

Alter Bridge singer reveals details of Led Zeppelin audition

Alter Bridge and Slash singer Myles Kennedy shared the inside story of his 2008 audition with Led Zeppelin on a recent edition of VH1 Classic’s "That Metal Show", and video of the episode is available.

Kennedy was one of the frontmen to rehearse with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham in the months following their triumphant 2007 reunion at London’s 02 Arena (since released as “Celebration Day”), after Robert Plant passed on continuing under the Zeppelin banner to focus on his solo career.

“Believe me… those rehearsals I will remember to my dying day,” said Kennedy. “When we’re talking about this it seems completely ridiculous — there’s no way — but it did happen. We played ‘The Rain Song,’ which is probably my favorite Led Zeppelin song, ‘No Quarter,’ ‘Kashmir,’ it was a lot of fun.”

“But it wasn’t going to be ‘Led Zeppelin,’” he continued. “I don’t know if they knew what it was going to be. They just wanted to play, they wanted to jam, they wanted to put a project of some sort together. They weren’t sure what it was, but it was never going to be Led Zeppelin with a new singer, I mean, obviously.

"Some of us thought we would be continuing, that there were going to be more concerts in the not-too-distant-future," Jimmy Page told Rolling Stone in 2012. "Because there was a lot of work being put into the [reunion] show."

As for Plant, “He was busy," says Jimmy. "He was doing his Alison Krauss project. I wasn't fully aware it was going to be launched at the same time. So what do you do in a situation like that? I'd been working with the other two guys for the percentage of the rehearsals at the O2. We were connecting well. The weakness was that none of us sang."

With Plant out of the picture, the three continued rehearsing together in early 2008. "We didn't do any professional recording," says Page. "We just had a little digital recorder. I thought it was good. I wasn't going to walk away from it. But the weakness came up again. It was, 'We gotta have a singer.'"

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler also rehearsed with the band – read his story here.

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