Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Black Crowes guitarist premieres new single

Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson has released “In ComesThe Night”, as the lead single from his forthcoming third solo album, “The Ceaseless Light.”

Due June 3, Robinson tells Billboard that he went in to the project a little less prepared than usual.

"On the last record (2011's 'Through a Crooked Sun'), I went up to Woodstock and had a more solid bunch of finished songs," he explains. "This time I was like, 'Let's just see what happens,' that kind of attitude. A lot of the songs it was like, 'Oh, I need kind of a rock song' or an uptempo song or this or that and I had a part or two and just needed to finish it. It was a pretty free way of making a record. I really enjoyed it."

Robinson has two solo studio albums to his credit to date, including 2004’s “Paper” and 2011’s “Through A Crooked Sun.”

Robinson will launch “The Ceaseless Light” with a live performance at The Satellite in Los Angeles on May 27, where the new album will be available at the show a week before it hits stores.

As for The Black Crowes, Rich echoes his brother's sentiments that, "I don't think we're doing anything. Nothing's planned. That's all up to Chris, 'cause he's not really interested in any of that, so right now I'm just focusing on what we're doing with this album and this band until I hear differently."

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