Friday, May 16, 2014

Jimmy Page slams Robert Plant over Led Zeppelin reunion comments

In an interview with the New York Times, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page takes a shot at singer Robert Plant over the role he’s been playing in distracting both himself and fans with veiled commitments to reunite the legendary band for a tour.

“I was told last year that Robert Plant said he is doing nothing in 2014, and what do the other two guys think?,” explains Page as he promotes the upcoming expanded reissues of Led Zeppelin’s first three albums next month. “Well, he knows what the other guys think. Everyone would love to play more concerts for the band. He’s just playing games, and I’m fed up with it, to be honest with you. I don’t sing, so I can’t do much about it. It just looks so unlikely, doesn’t it?”

Plant raised the hopes of Led Zeppelin fans about a possible reunion trek when made the comments in February of 2013 during an interview with Australia’s 60 Minutes (watch the full interview here).

“You know, the two other guys (Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones) are both Capricorns and they keep schtum (quiet); they don’t say a word,” Plant told reporter Tara Brown. “But they are quite contained in their own worlds and they just leave it to me to do this (interviews).”

“…to be the bad guy?”, asked Brown. “I’m not the bad guy,” replied the singer. “Well you are for all those Led Zeppelin fans who’d love you to say ‘yes, we’re reforming’,” she challenged. “Well, then you need to speak to the Capricorns ... ‘cause I’ve got nothing to do in 2014,” answered Plant.

Fast forward to present day: Plant will spend the summer on the road with his current band, The Sensational Space Shifters, and release a new solo album in September.

Last month, Plant told the BBC that the chances of the group performing live again are “zero.”

The singer revealed more thoughts about why he remained the lone hold-out for a reunion tour during an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this month.

"A tour would have been an absolute menagerie of vested interests and the very essence of everything that's shitty about about big-time stadium rock. We were surrounded by a circus of people that would have had our souls on the fire. I'm not part of a jukebox!"

Yet, in the same session, Plant again sent mixed message to fans when he made more comments about a reunion while refusing to make a statement forever ruling out the possibility of him fronting Zeppelin again. "I don’t think there’s any reason for me to do that," he said. "Otherwise we’ve got nothing to be mystic about...Everything will develop as it develops. All doors are open. All phone lines are open. I don't hear from anybody. Talk is cheap...But I just think everything has to be new. Then you can incorporate history."

A reunited Led Zeppelin – with drummer Jason Bonham sitting in for his late father, John – last performed when they headlined a December 10, 2007 concert at London’s O2 Arena as a tribute concert for friend and Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. The event was eventually released in 2012 as “Celebraton Day.”

So now, after three years working on the Led Zeppelin reissues series, Page says he’s no longer waiting around for Plant to commit to reuniting, and the guitarist is itching to get on the road.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” he tells the New York Times. “I definitely want to play live. Because, you know, I’ve still got a twinkle in my eye. I can still play. So, yeah, I’ll just get myself into musical shape, just concentrating on the guitar.”

“So let’s hope that some time in the next year, I’m seen to be playing out there,”
added Page. “Because that’s the only thing that’s been missing. But you have to do what you have to do, and I had to do this [reissue project].”

On June 2 (June 3 in North America), Led Zeppelin will reissue their first three albums, each with a companion disc of bonus material.

Deluxe editions of "Led Zeppelin", "Led Zeppelin II" and "Led Zeppelin III" are the first projects announced as part of an extensive reissue program that will see all nine of the band’s studio albums reissued in chronological order, each remastered by Page.

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