Sunday, November 16, 2014

Guns N’ Roses biography in talks to become movie

The 2008 biography, “Reckless Road: Guns N' Roses And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction", is in talks to become a movie.

Co-author Marc Canter shared the news in the unofficial Guns N’ Roses website,, telling fans, "It's been on the works for about 4 months.”

An amateur photographer and the owner and general manager of the legendary rock 'n' roll hangout Canter's Deli in Los Angeles, California, Canter frequently crossed paths with Guns N’ Roses in its formative years.

His close ties to the band give Canter the personal history and credibility to assist with helping guide his biography onto the big screen.

“If I'm involved in a Guns N' Roses project, then you know I have their backs,” writes Canter. “There is a great story about the birth of the band which I was very much involved in. This has nothing to do with where the band is today. The history is very important and that’s why Axl was the one who was most supportive of me documenting what they were doing when thay first started out.”

“The people I'm working with are the best ones to do this project,” he continued. “There is so much detail in the way it all came together that tells the killer rock n' roll story of the best band around. Why hide it? I have all the resources to help make it right.”

“I'm not making the movie,” he clarifies. “The book Reckless Road is being made into a movie by people that will do it right. No short cuts, it will be very detailed. I do have a big say so on the script which is still being put together now but so far looking cool. I am going to see that everyone in the cast is doing their job and doing justice to the band. Since I was there, I know what the dialogue was between the band for many of the events that took place.”

“When you find out who is making the movie, you will then understand that it will be very cool,” adds the author. “I'm proud of all the hard work that was put into this project and it's just going to KICK ASS! In no way will it be a cheesy movie like Rock Star. There really is such a great story here that even the outtakes will be great.”

“No one has been cast at this point but I would expect to see a few A list people in the cast. Just working on the perfect script. Then they will move on to the next step and yes, it will bring in a whole new slew of fans and sell a shitload of records for the band. Also the band will do well on the music used for the movie."

Guns N’ Roses' 1987 debut, “Appetite For Destruction”, became a landmark hard rock record based on its raucous energy and worldwide sales of more than 30 million, including 18 million in the States alone.

The single, “Sweet Child O’ Mine”,was a number one hit in the U.S., with two of the album’s tracks, “Welcome To The Jungle” and “Paradise City”, going Top 5.

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