Thursday, March 26, 2020

Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl launches Instagram stories series

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl shares the tale of building his first home studio in the debut edition of his new Instagram series, “Dave’s True Stories.”

The rocker details his return to Virginia in 1998 after a decade on the west coast during his time with Scream, Nirvana, and the launch of Foo Fighters.

“The band had recently been let go of our recording contract,” Grohl writes, “so we decided to go rogue, hiding away to record another album completely on our own without distraction or complication from any ‘business types’.”

What would become his first version of Studio 606 started with soundproofing the basement with anything soft they could find – from egg cartons to sleeping bags to random chunks of foam; “I hope I don’t sound like we knew what we were doing because we sure didn’t; not by a long shot.”

Grohl goes on to recount a road trip to Nashville to pick up a console for the studio while being distracted by a store that would serve his passion for fireworks: “A gunpowder Garden Of Eden! There was no way I was passing up the opportunity to throw down a boatload of cash in this mecca of smoke and flame. A ‘Baptism Of Boom’ was upon us come 4th of July!”

The Foo Fighters recorded 1999’s “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” and 2002’s “One By One” in that basement studio before relocating to California, where they would build Studio 606 West and go on to create more albums in their new workspace.

Grohl – in an effort to stay busy during the coronavirus pandemic – revealed his plans for the Instagram series, saying: “I'm currently looking for work, so I thought I'd pass the time by writing true short stories that will make people smile.”

The rocker recently confirmed that the band have completed recording of the follow-up to 2017’s “Concrete And Gold.”

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