Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Hot Rats - "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)"

A couple of the guys from Supergrass have been making the tv rounds in North America over the past few weeks playing tracks from their new all-covers side-project, The Hot Rats. The album is "Turn Ons," and it's out now.

It's been interesting to watch Gaz (guitar) & Danny (drums) play live because they've done it in a variety of configurations. On Letterman, they were a rockin duo ala The White Stripes; On Jimmy Fallon, they added a couple of guys from The Roots to the lineup; and over two nights on Craig Ferguson they were both a trio - with the help of Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols - and, once again, a rockin duo.

Today's track is The Hot Rats cover of (You Gotta Fight)For Your Right(To Party!), the old Beastie Boys classic (I can still remember seeing the Beasties tear this up live in Florida over Spring Break 1987, and that feels like forever ago).

The Letterman performance was the first in the series and really turned my head, for a few reasons. First, they flipped the song on its head and really made it all their own, and by doing so, they succesfully managed to get their version stuck in my head for days afterwards. It's not my favourite Beasties track by a long shot, but they killed it. Turns out it's even different than their own album version, which retains the intensity but is more acoustic-based. I gotta say that the electric version kicks all kinds of ass and should have been considered for the record, if it wasn't.