Friday, March 5, 2010

Craig Ferguson Rocks II

As a follow-up to my post last month – “Craig Ferguson Rocks”, Craig’s fascination with 'robot skeletons’ these days continues: in addition to branding his Twitter followers as his “robot skeleton army,” he recently came up with the idea of creating a robot skeleton sidekick for the show.

The ante was upped when Grant Imahara from Mythbusters offered to make Craig a robot sidekick - on one condition: stuck at about 95,000 twitter fans himself, Grant said he’d create the robot if Craig’s fans could help him hit the 100,00 mark. Guess what – it happened, and now Grant begins the process of building a sidekick for Ferguson.

A Twitter post yesterday between Grant and Craig revolved around a potential name for the sidekick: Grant suggested a formal name was probably needed, but suggested his 'friends' could call him "P-Funk or Skelldiddy"; Craig's reply suggested "Geoff Assmodeous Peterson" as a possibility.

Craig’s team has recently created not one, but two new jingles for his Twitter/email segment.

Debuted a few weeks ago, the first is country and western-themed:

The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Robot Western Twitter Jingle (Feb 2010)

This past week, a second new jingle appeared, inspired by David Bowie; Craig actually does a killer Bowie impression and is the voice you'll hear in the video.

The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Robot Bowie Twitter Jingle (Mar 2010)