Monday, May 24, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice Finale

FINALE time at The Celebrity Apprentice.

After 11 weeks, it’s time to crown a new CA: while others have tried, it’s down to Bret Michaels and Holly Robinson Peete for the showdown.

The winner receives $250,00 for their charity, along with the CA3 title.

Last night’s show picked up where things left off in part one of the finale: charged with creating and marketing a new Snapple flavour, both finalists had developed their drinks and were last seen working on the advertising materials.

Bret’s Diet “Trop-A-Rocka” Tea boasts a tropical blend while Holly’s “Campassionberry” Tea is more berry-based; both are now available for sale.

Early in the episode, Bret was a force of nature, rolling with the punches as they came at him while simultaneously directing a photo shoot, a tv commercial, checking print ad copy and materials for the presentation. A surprise visit from daughter Raine before the presentation really lifted Bret’s spirits and motivation.

Holly’s presentation was fine, but nothing overly special; in fact, my only observation was that her speech seemed rushed at times, but that’s strictly a nerves thing. Bret got off to a rough start, shooting some self-deprecating one-liners out that went over the audience’s head (cue the crickets). Once Michaels got past his nerves, introduced his daughter and then spoke from the heart, instead of the script, things went to another level; the TV ad delivered fun, too, as the room erupted in laughter and applause.

Donald Trump’s quick audience poll gave Bret the 'first-impression' edge.

Trump then met with the Snapple execs, who basically called things a draw: while they liked both candidates, they preferred Bret’s use of personality in his project and presentation.

Original Apprentice winner Bill Rancic and season 2 CA Joan Rivers popped in to give their 2 cents: based on a pure business decision, both leaned toward Holly, but both did suggest that the emotional decision would lean in Bret’s favour.

Last week, I mentioned the emotional thing might be a factor, and that was before the mini-stroke Bret had this week….I mean, in 5 weeks, the guy’s had an appendectomy, a brain hemorrhage and a mini-stroke, and he still made it to the show (sounds like it was against doctor’s advice, too).

I will say this: in my opinion, Michaels consistently showed greater strength as a player throughout the series than Peete, and that he should win the title based on that. In fact, dealing positively with all the health issues he’s faced recently only confirms the strength Bret showed on the program – that’s not why he should win, but it might be one reason why he would be favoured to win.

Holly and Bret then hit the boardroom/stage, both to standing O’s. Given his mini-stroke this week, Michaels’ walked slowly and with an obvious limp, his face a bit thinner, but it was great to see that his speech was still intact – one of the most common side effects of a stroke is slurred, or diminished, speech capacity, and Bret held his own just fine.

After a live performance from Cyndi Lauper, Trump announced that Snapple was giving $250,000 to each finalists’ charity, which was a huge bonus. Both candidates made their case to Trump as to why they should be the CA…and, after Holly and Bret each laid out their strengths, Trump made the call:
"'re HIRED!"
- Donald Trump
Finally, Trump makes the right call…

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