Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fallon Stones night 5

Night 5 of Stones week on Jimmy Fallon last night, as the show wrapped up it’s celebration of the Exile reissue.

The show featured some of the “Stones In Exile” documentary with Mick Jagger on hand to do the introduction.

Stones In Exile – Mick Jagger introduction
“Rolling Stones Week”
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon – May 14, 2010

The documentary shows some pretty interesting and revealing footage about The Stones’ Exile period, when the band left their native UK to live in the south of France while they worked out some tax issues with their homeland.

A lot of Exile was recorded at a mansion where Keith Richards was staying, with all kinds of guests and friends hanging out, and there’s some great footage of the band recording in the basement and in various rooms around the place.

Sax player Bobby Keys has some of the best lines in the footage shown; keep in mind that Fallon couldn’t play the whole doc in the 45 mins or so available, so we’ll get a look at the full deal when it’s out on June 22.