Friday, June 25, 2010

EVH on Lopez Tonight last night

Well, as expected, Eddie Van Halen did make an appearance on last night’s 100th episode of Lopez Tonight, with comedian George Lopez.

It was a fun show overall, with guests Kobe Bryant and Louis C.K.

Celebrity congratulation clips were sprinkled throughout the show, and Eddie’s aired at the start of the final segment of the program.

While he said he couldn’t be at the show in person, Eddie did wish George all the best via a video message, and passed along one of his new Wolfgang guitars as a gift for the occasion.

Ed then played “La Cucaracha” on guitar, following by some trademark hammer-ons and guitar squeals.

You’ll see Ed’s message, and George’s response, in the following montage:

Lopez Tonight – Celebrity Congrats montage
100th Episode - June 24, 2010
(Includes Eddie Van Halen @ 2:13 mark)