Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sammy Hagar writing autobiography

News last week that Sammy Hagar has signed a deal with It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, to write and publish his autobiography next year.

The working title for the book is imaginatively titled, “Sammy Hagar Red.”

Readers can expect to hear about Sammy growing up in the small, steel-mill town of Fontana, California, his rise through the rock ranks from Montrose to solo artist to Van Halen to solo artist again, as well as his latest project with Chickenfoot. We’ll likely also get some details on Sammy’s Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, his expansion of that franchise into other cities, and how he turned his own premium “Cabo Wabo” tequila into an award-winning brand, part of which he sold in 2007 to Gruppo Campari for $80 million dollars.

Wonder if Sam will get into his UFO theories: Hagar has gone on record as saying that he believes he’s been visited, and had tests performed on him, by alien beings, as far back as 1968. With visits on multiple occasions throughout his life, Hagar has said the aliens were from a group called “The Nine” (they’re from the Ninth Dimension, apparently). A quick search will turn up all kinds of information on “The Nine” in UFO history, and Hagar’s comments on the subject seem to be consistent with those in the field.

And maybe – just maybe - we’ll even get a taste of some of the rock and roll fireworks Sammy has been through, especially during his times with Van Halen.

This may be interesting, because it’s actually Hagar’s second stab at working on a book about his life.

I’ve mentioned it before, but Sammy went to court in 1999 to prevent “Red Storm Arising,” a biography by author David Huff, from hitting shelves right before publication. Reports suggest that Hagar originally consented to, and participated in, the creation of the book, but changed his mind after further legal considerations; two chapters were allegedly leaked online.

If you’ve ever done a search for “Sammy Hagar Red Storm Arising” and found these chapters (chapters 19 and 20) – IF they’re the real deal - you’ll know how much detail Sammy can pull out regarding his life. The leaked material sure didn’t reflect well on many people around Hagar (or Hagar himself, at times), and the potential legal fallout from releasing some of the information may even have impacted Hagar’s decision to prevent it from being published.

Here’s Sammy and Eddie Van Halen, at the 1985 Farm Aid concert, a month after Hagar first jammed with, and joined, VH.

Sammy Hagar – Rock And Roll
Featuring Eddie Van Halen
Farm Aid 1 - Champaign, Illinois – September 22, 1985