Friday, June 18, 2010

Solo Eddie Van Halen

Ever wonder what an Eddie Van Halen solo record would sound like?

That question has literally been following Eddie for decades.

During the classic VH years, it used to come up all the time, and Ed deflected the idea, suggesting if he ever did one, he’d probably have brother Alex and bassist Michael Anthony play on it, and that wouldn’t be much of a stretch from VH itself.

After David Lee Roth’s departure in 1985, Eddie had considered doing some sort of a solo project, where he would have different singers on each track – he wrote “Right Now” with Joe Cocker in mind, for example (btw, that sounds like it would still make a cool cover for Cocker to do).

Of course, Santana did the same thing with his 1999 album, “Supernatural,” and it pushed his career into the mainstream stratosphere. But Ed’s mid-80’s idea still included both Alex and Michael, so maybe it wasn’t really a ‘solo’ concept after all. Contractual issues with various labels and co-ordinating the participants’ schedules, combined with Ed’s instincts to continue to move forward with VH, pushed the idea off the table.

Fast forward to 2006: with VH in no-man’s land, between singers and with no plans on the horizon, Eddie hooked up with friend, and adult film director, Michael Ninn, to create music for Ninn’s project, “Sacred Sin.”

Eddie recorded two instrumentals: “Rise” and “Catherine,” as well as some ‘transitional piano pieces’ that were sprinkled throughout the movie. “Catherine" is a new version of the theme from Ninn’s 2005 film of the same name.

The songs are only available on the DVD of the film; three videos were put together to showcase the tracks and help promo the movie.

Eddie Van Halen – Rise (2006)

Eddie Van Halen – Catherine (2006)
Eddie Van Halen studio cut

Eddie Van Halen – Catherine (2006)
Full version

On September 30, 2006, Eddie hosted an extravagant bash at his place to help launch the movie, and he played live for the invited guests. Eddie teamed with the L.A. band Starf*ckers, including Eric Dover of Jellyfish and former Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi.

Eddie Van Halen with Starf*ckers – Jump
“Sacred Sin” launch party
Ed’s house – September 30, 2006