Saturday, July 31, 2010

AC/DC rocks The Midnight Special

In the days before MTV and 24-hour music television (not that MTV plays music anymore), seeing live rock on TV was like catching an eclipse or, better yet, a sighting of Bigfoot (another popular 70s pastime) – it was that rare. And let’s be sure to qualify this as “live rock” = NO LIP SYNCHING.

Enter The Midnight Special.

The Midnight Special was the first-ever late night live concert show on TV; from 1973-1981, the U.S. series featured a variety of artists and styles in a concert setting. In addition to major mainstream performers, the show would also feature up-and-coming acts.

Enter AC/DC.

Still working on building their profile Stateside, AC/DC were on the road and played the tv show in the fall of 1978, in support of "Powerage," released that spring.

"Powerage" was notable for a few reasons:
It marked the studio debut of bassist Cliff Williams.

It was the band's last Bon Scott-era studio release to feature production work by Harry Vanda and George Young.

It was the first AC/DC album to be released nearly simultaneously in both Australian and international markets.

It was first AC/DC album to use just one cover image for both the Aussie and worldwide releases.
Check out the introduction by Ted Nugent and Steven Tyler !

AC/DC – Sin City
The Midnight Special – taped September 6, 1978