Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Black Sabbath classic on DVD

Out now, from Eagle Rock Entertainment, is another killer episode in the “Classic Albums” DVD series – featuring Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.”

The DVD release marks the 40th Anniversary of one of Sabbath’s – and metal’s – true masterpieces. Building on the momentum of their self-titled debut, “Paranoid” helped define the trademark Sabbath sound: sci-fi and occult lyrics surrounded by big, menacing riffs backed by a thunderous rhythm section.

Consider: “War Pigs,” “Iron Man,” “Fairies Wear Boots,” “Hand Of Doom,” “Electric Funeral,” and the title track – all legendary.

Black Sabbath: Classic Albums – Paranoid – trailer (2010)

Like the debut, much of “Paranoid” was developed in rehearsals, at soundchecks, and at shows, where the band would road-test new material.

Full of interviews with all four Sabbath members, producers, engineers, record company people and a cast of media types, this edition of Classic Albums is loaded with stories and perspective on the album.

You’re reminded – if you needed to be – that Sabbath was made up of four distinctive personalities with huge talents: Iommi – the riffmeister, always delivering new material to the band; Butler – lyricist and killer bassist; Ward – powerful, instinctive jazz-influenced drums; and, Ozzy – unique vocalist with a talent for melody.

Sabbath developed their own sonic niche: surrounded by hippie bands, on one side, and psychedelic bands on the other, Sabbath’s sound was like no other, and remains instantly identifiable to this day.

Think: “often imitated, but never duplicated,” and you’re on the right track.

Musicians will love the lessons and demonstrations by Iommi, Butler and Ward, giving insight into their playing and the development of the Sabbath sound.

Black Sabbath: Fairies Wear Boots
Classic Albums – Paranoid (2010)

Black Sabbath: image, style and fans
Classic Albums – Paranoid (2010)

ParanoidBlack Sabbath - Paranoid - Dazed and Confused (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

IronBlack Sabbath - Iron Man - Lords of Dogtown (Music from the Motion Picture)

Black Sabbath – Paranoid / Iron Man
Beat Club TV - Bremen, Germany – September 26, 1970