Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bret Michaels co-hosts Miss Universe 2010

Popped in a few times on the broadcast last night to see how Bret Michaels would do as co-host of the Miss Universe pageant; yes, it was a slow night at hennemusic.

Considering the importance (sarcasm mode on) of the event and, from the few minutes I saw, it looked like Bret made out fine, co-hosting with Natalie Morales from NBC’s “The Today Show.”

Michaels was decked out in a tux, sporting his trademark headband, to boot.

Caught the final few segments to see how things turned out, and had a few laughs. I see pageant co-owner Donald Trump saved a few bucks by playing the role of pre-recorded tv announcer, making sure to get in all his plugs for the show’s sponsors as the program went in and out of commercial breaks.

Down to the top five, each contestant was asked a question by one of the judges. And the judges? The “esteemed” (*cough*) panel included Criss Angel, William Baldwin and Chazz Palminteri, among others. Really?

The first four questions went ok, but I knew Miss Philippines – who had huge audience support - blew any chance of winning when her answer made her look like a real rocket scientist (and maybe that is her day job, I don’t know).

Miss Universe 2010 – Q&A session
Featuring Miss Philippines
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, NV – August 23, 2010

After that, I wasn’t surprised she ended up 5th out of 5. The winner was Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico.

Miss Universe 2010 - Winner selection
Bret Michaels co-hosts event
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, NV – August 23, 2010