Friday, August 13, 2010

Eddie Van Halen sighting

Rare EVH sighting this week as Eddie stopped by Pearl rehearsals on Wednesday to hang with pal Scott Ian of Anthrax.

Scott’s Twitter post says it all: “Eddie Van Halen just gave Pearl his blessing to go out and kick some f**king ass. And he signed my 5150III.”

When not working with Anthrax, Scott plays in Pearl, led by Pearl Aday, Ian’s wife and Meat Loaf’s daughter; the other members of the band are from Mother Superior, who have played with Henry Rollins and others.

Pearl’s Twitter post was equally pumped: “Me & the boys just got blessed for our tour by Sir Edward Van Halen himself. "Kick ass", he said. Yes Sir.”

Pearl’s debut, “Little Immaculate White Fox,” was released earlier this year.

Pearl kicked off their tour last night in L.A. as openers on Meat Loaf’s current “Hang Cool” trek. Pearl Aday has previously toured with both Loaf and Motley Crue as a backup singer, and has appeared (in the same role) on discs by Ace Frehley and Filter.

Mama Pearl - Mama - Little Immaculate White Fox

Pearl – Mama
Jimmy Kimmel Live – January 20, 2010