Saturday, August 28, 2010

Journey rocks The Midnight Special – Part 1 (1978)

After three albums, Journey altered their focus from jazz-rock leanings to accessible, radio-friendly pop-rock with the addition of vocalist Steve Perry in the fall of 1977.

With Perry up front, Journey were quickly on the rise: following the release of “Infinity" in January ’78, the band did some warm-up dates around California in February; a few weeks later, they stopped by The Midnight Special to record their appearance as guest hosts, for broadcast later that spring.

It was the first of two occasions when Journey hosted the program: today, the April ’78 edition, and their May ’79 appearance, tomorrow.

Along with guests Eddie Money, Rita Coolidge and Al Jarreau, Journey performed five songs: "Wheel in the Sky," "Feeling That Way," "Anytime," "Patiently" and "La Do Da."

By the time the episode went to air in April, Journey were on the road with Montrose and rock n’ roll upstarts Van Halen as their opening acts.

“Infinity” went on to produce FM staples like “Wheel In The Sky,” “Lights” and “Anytime,” and gave the band their first platinum record.

Wheel Journey - Wheel In the Sky - Infinity

Journey – Wheel In The Sky
The Midnight Special – aired April 28, 1978

Journey – band introductions by bassist Ross Valory
The Midnight Special – aired April 28, 1978

Feeling Journey - Feeling That Way - Infinity

Journey – Feeling That Way
The Midnight Special – aired April 28, 1978

Patiently Journey - Patiently - Infinity

Journey – Patiently
The Midnight Special – aired April 28, 1978