Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keith Richards’ book due Oct. 26

"People say 'why don't you give it up?' I don't think they quite understand. I'm not doing it just for the money, or for you. I'm doing it for me."

Music fans can circle October 26 on their calendar: Keith Richards’ autobiography, “Life,” hits stores.

Here’s the promo blurb from publishers Little, Brown & Company:
The long-awaited autobiography of the guitarist, songwriter, singer, and founding member of the Rolling Stones.

Ladies and gentleman: Keith Richards.

With the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards created the songs that roused the world, and he lived the original rock and roll life.

Now, at last, the man himself tells his story of life in the crossfire hurricane. Listening obsessively to Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters records, learning guitar and forming a band with Mick Jagger and Brian Jones. The Rolling Stones' first fame and the notorious drug busts that led to his enduring image an outlaw folk hero. Creating immortal riffs like the ones in "Jumping Jack Flash" and "Honky Tonk Women." Falling in love with Anita Pallenberg and the death of Brian Jones. Tax exile in France, wildfire tours of the US, isolation and addiction. Falling in love with Patti Hansen. Bitter estrangement from Jagger and subsequent reconciliation. Marriage, family, solo albums and Xpensive Winos, and the road that goes on forever.

With his trademark disarming honesty. Keith Richard brings us the story of a life we have all longed to know more of, unfettered, fearless, and true.
Keith put the book together with author James Fox; the two have known each other since the early ‘70s, when Fox was a journalist for the Sunday Times in London. Fox’s books include the international bestseller “White Mischief.”

Keith's pal, Johnny Depp, will be the voice behind the audiobook version of "Life."

Life (Unabridged) - Keith Richards, James FoxLife (Unabridged) - Keith Richards, James Fox

The week “Life” is released, Richards will be giving a talk and book signing in the Celeste Bartos Auditorium at the New York Library's main branch on 5th Avenue.

Honky Honky Tonk Women - Hot Rocks 1964-1971

The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women
Live At The Max – Urban Jungle Tour - 1990