Wednesday, September 8, 2010

David Lee Roth on new Van Halen music

"You’ll be hearing from us in the next 7-8 months”
- David Lee Roth

A rare David Lee Roth sighting happened over the weekend at the most unlikely of places: the 145th Scottish Gathering And Games in Pleasanton, California.

Doug Lyle, a loyal reader of the Van Halen News Desk, had a chance encounter with the Van Halen frontman, who had a dog entered in the sheepdog trials.

Lyle heard the voice – and that distinctive DLR laugh – and suspected the guy behind the dark goatee and sunglasses was Roth; after considering his options, he approached the ‘stranger’ and struck up a conversation.

“I asked him if he was still with VH and if they were doing anything more,” said Lyle. “He gave me a knowing smile and said, “You’ll be hearing from us in the next 7-8 months”. He seemed very sincere… almost like it was a promise.”

Rumours regarding new Van Halen music have been floating around all year, and this chance encounter just adds more fuel to the fire.

Check out Lyle’s full story – and his photo with Dave – at the VHND here.

Van Halen - Fair Warning - Unchained Van Halen - Fair Warning - Unchained

Van Halen – Unchained (1981)