Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jack White invents Triple Decker Record

The Dead Weather have just released a new single, “Blue Blood Blues,” and it’s available on multiple formats, which is a pretty standard thing these days at Jack White’s Third Man Records.

You’ve got the 7” vinyl – complete with a live b-side; you’ve got the 12” version, with a couple of different tracks on the flipside; and, you’ve got your basic triple-decker record, with…wait, what?

Leave it to White: he has invented the Triple Decker Record.

Let’s let Jack, himself, explain how this one works…

Third Man Records – Introducing Triple-Decker Record (2010)

Not sure what year it is in Jack White’s mind, but that’s a good thing, as he continues to be a music industry original.

The triple decker records are available in a limited edition of 300 and available at Third Man Records.

Collectors take note.

Oh, and if you’re “new school,” here’s where you can pick up a digital version of the track:

Blue The Dead Weather - Blue Blood Blues - Sea of Cowards

The Dead Weather – Blue Blood Blues (live)
Third Man Records – Nashville, TN - May 3, 2010