Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vince Neil’s assault allegations “completely unfounded”

It’s been a busy 24 hours on the Vince Neil front.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that the Motley Crue singer was accused of attacking a woman in a Las Vegas hotel elevator over the weekend, and that authorities were investigating the matter.

Neil’s accuser – Jessica Radovicz – released a video statement about the incident, and it was picked up by TMZ. Radovicz says she recognized Neil and asked him if he was “on TV,” going on to describe what happened next…

“All of a sudden, he yelled at me, he grabbed me by the arms, he threw me against the wall,” Radovicz continued. “When he did that, I’m like ‘What are you doing?’ I have a room here, I’m going to my room. As I was reaching in my back pocket for a key, I lost control as he threw me against the elevator side where the buttons were. He started calling me names, along with the two females that were on the side of him. I got out of the elevator, and I was extremely upset, and extremely shooken up.”

In the video, Radovicz then goes on to point out bruising on both of her arms, claiming they were the result of the shoving incident.

In a further development, TMZ reports the Las Vegas Hilton says it has reviewed surveillance footage of Neil from Sunday night, and hotel reps tell them that the “eye in the sky” shows the singer never battered anyone in an elevator.

TMZ says a hotel rep told them, "After reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses, we've concluded that her allegations against Vince Neil are completely unfounded."

The rep continued, "We also understand that the local authorities have deemed her allegations to be without merit. Accordingly, we consider the matter closed."

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