Sunday, September 12, 2010

Preview new Linkin Park

Linkin Park return with new music this week, as “A Thousand Suns” is released on Tuesday (14).

LP vocalist Mike Shinoda told The Pulse of Radio that the best way to listen to the new album is all at once.

"People are used to consuming music in kind of small, bite-sized pieces, as we are, too," he said. "But yeah, we kind of made a six-course meal or a 15-course meal for you. If you decide to just, you know, check it out in little bits and pieces, that works. That's fine, but you will be kind of foregoing an experience that is special, and we want people to know that the record is, you know, something that if you listen to it from beginning to end you'll get something extra out of it."

Linkin Park is streaming the full album on its myspace page, so pop by to check it out.

The band will perform "The Catalyst," the first single from "A Thousand Suns," live for the first time at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight in Los Angeles, following which they’ll head to New York City to play a special show on Tuesday at the Nokia Theater in New York City to officially launch the album.

The The Catalyst - Single - Linkin Park

Linkin Park – The Catalyst (2010)