Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is a Kinks reunion in the cards?

Ray Davies is doing press these days for his new “See My Friends” disc, due out November 1.

And, like Robert Plant speaking to the media about his Band Of Joy project, the inevitable “reunion” question comes up.

Ray told Gigwise that he thinks his brother, Dave, is “coming around” to the idea of a possible Kinks reunion.

Ray said his brother and drummer Mick Avory had discussed getting back together. “The interesting thing is I’ve had emails both from Mick and Dave about various other subject matters, but I think it will be down to Dave at the end of the day," Davies said. "But he’s gradually coming round to it."

The singer said he had already written new material with Avory, should the band get back together. “I’ll play some old songs, but new songs are what keeps me alive,” he added. “I think hardcore fans and new fans want to hear new material.”

Now, before anyone gets their hopes up too much, we have heard this song before.

Last December, Ray told Sky News that he was working on trying to make a reunion happen. "I've done some demos with the original rhythm line up," said Davies at the time, "and it's good."

"The important thing for me is whether or not my brother comes on board," Ray says, "but if it does happen it's got to have new material. I don't just want to do the oldies because that would not be interesting to me. You've got to feel you can make new product and new music."

At the time, the hesitation on Ray’s part to expand, more fully, on the possibility of a reunion was based on his brother’s health: Dave suffered a stroke in 2004, and his status may be a possible issue should plans get more serious.

Dave released a DVD earlier this year, but reportedly had to cancel a solo tour on the advice of doctors.

Stay tuned….

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