Sunday, October 24, 2010

Watch Keith Richards on BBC's Andrew Marr show

Keith Richards made a rare appearance today (on tape, of course) on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show to promote his new autobiography, “Life,” which hits stores on Tuesday (26).

In the session, Keith talks about a variety of things, including his first gig (singing for the Queen), meeting Mick Jagger, discovering drugs as part of “backstage secrets,” and more.

On his famous struggles with Jagger during the 80s, Keith says, “In that period, I had nothing to do with the running of the Stones. He assumed control, he assumed that he was the leader. When I stopped dope, I said ‘Hey, Mick, thanks for holding the fort. Gimme the load, I’ll carry my load, now.' And it surprised me that, instead of a sigh of relief, that he didn’t want to relinquish one of the strings. It was his assumption that he was bigger than the Stones which, started at first to annoy me, and then slowly enraged me.”

On how it was viewed by those around him, Keith said “‘World War 3’ we called it within the band.”

“In the 80s when this thing with Mick happened," continued Richards, "and I got ‘I’m betrayed,’ ‘we’re betrayed,’ and I’m going to Charlie Watts 'he’s betrayed the band.' I mean, I don’t mind him betraying me, but you can’t betray the band. It’s just as much my baby as his. And, also, I thought it was taking off in a slightly wrong direction. I rely incredibly on Charlie Watts’ pragmatic and calm. If Mick and I have a problem with each other, ‘Where’s Charlie?’”

Keith’s favorite Stones albums? “Exile (On Main Street),” “Beggar’s Banquet,” “Let It Bleed.” “Bridges to Babylon” I liked very much…it’s not in there with that incredible body of work.”

Keith Richards – interview (part 1)
BBC – Andrew Marr Show – October 24, 2010

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BBC – Andrew Marr Show – October 24, 2010

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