Monday, November 8, 2010

Duff McKagan’s Loaded rocks Seattle Seahawks game

Duff McKagan’ s Loaded played a couple of songs at halftime, yesterday, at the Seattle Seahawks game, and the bassist couldn’t have been happier about it.

“I've never played at one of my own sports team's events. So it's a big deal for me, for sure,” Duff told ESPN’s Jim Wilkie, earlier this week. "We've played some big crowds because we've played in festivals in Europe. This is different because the crowd's not there for a rock band, they're there for the football game. So the pressure's a little bit more on you… you want to be great if you want to add to the quality of the [event] and enhance the deal.”

Loaded played two new tracks from an upcoming release – “Fight On”, and the lead track “We Win”, which the Seahawks have been playing before their home games. The anthemic song is beginning to spread to other stadiums and arenas, and the MLB Network recently used it during the World Series.

Appearing on the Seahawks’ “Military Appreciation Day,” the intermission started with “Fight On”, which Duff dedicated to the troops.

“For as much as we want to support our ‘Hawks, we want to support our troops and our veterans…this is our town, this is our community,”
he said.

“The ‘Hawks are Loaded’s team,” continued Duff. “If you go to iTunes any time this week and download Loaded’s “We Win” or “Fight On”, a portion of the profits will go to the VA/Puget Sound health care system. It s a small way to say for us, the great football fans of Seattle, to say thank you to our hometown veterans. Now, let’s rock!”

Check out the full ESPN interview here.

We Win - Single - Duff McKagan's Loaded We Win - Single - Duff McKagan's Loaded

Fight On - Single - Duff McKagan's Loaded Fight On - Single - Duff McKagan's Loaded

Loaded – Fight On / We Win
NFL Seattle Seahawks home game
Qwest Field – Seattle, WA – November 7, 2010