Sunday, November 21, 2010

Metallica: World Magnetic Tour wraps up in Australia

Metallica wrapped up their 2-year long World Magnetic Tour on Sunday, with the third of three shows at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.

The numbers are impressive...Metallica issued the following tour summary:

"The World Magnetic tour crossed 45 countries, 143 arena shows, 34 festival shows, 29 stadium shows, 4 club/theater shows, three tv/radio shows, two hall of fame shows, 3790 songs, and not a single setlist was the same."

That’s 216 shows in 992 days.

The tour opened with a European promo show on September 12, 2008 in Berlin, and hit virtually every corner of the globe, including:

4 legs of North American
7 legs of Europe
3 legs of Latin America
3 legs of Oceania (Australia/New Zealand)
1 leg of Japan

Metallica turns 30 in January, and writing for the follow-up to "Death Magnetic" should begin sometime in the first half of the year.

One date is already set for their 2011 calendar: a September 25 show headlining Rock In Rio in Rio de Janeiro.

Metallica – Broken, Beaten & Scarred

Entertainment Center - Adelaide, AU – November 15, 2010