Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Kiss album due in 2011

A feature on Kiss drummer Eric Singer reconfirms comments made by singer Paul Stanley, earlier this year, that a new Kiss album is due in “mid-2011.”

In July, Stanley told Rolling Stone that the band plans to go back in to the studio next February and release an album as early as next summer.

Cynthia Martin of Yahoo reported the albums news while checking in with Singer about his work schedule in Kiss.

"Being in Kiss is such a responsibility,” said Eric. “Not so much with the work involved, but with the daily stuff - working on the makeup and the two hours it takes to get ready, and all these shoots and meet-and-greets and interviews before the shows. I mean, it's just really steady work being in this band. It's not like when I'm in another band where I just get to sit backstage in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and being like, 'Okay, we're playing in 20 minutes,' and just get up and play."

“I get to work with great people who I've learned a lot from and who I've learned the most from,” continued Singer. “I've learned that hard work pays off. You need to have that kind of attitude, because I've seen how hard you can fall. And you need to stay focused. And that's why we're successful. Aside from all the special effects and stuff, the men behind the masks really have the work ethic and a sturdy kind of focus. And if it wasn't there, you and I wouldn't be talking right now."

With their "Hottest Show on Earth" tour completed last month, Kiss is headed back to the studio to create their next musical masterpiece. Due to hit stores mid-2011, and with a tour to follow, their new album is sure to stun and surprise - in true Kiss fashion.

Kiss – Black Diamond
Kiss Symphony: Alive IV