Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Rolling Stones will tour in 2011

While Keith Richards is out doing press for his autobiography, “Life,” he shared some upcoming plans: The Rolling Stones will tour in 2011.

"Everybody's ready to go out there again," Keith told BBC 6 Music. "Who said it should stop, and who said when? That’s what we wanna find out. We’ll know when it comes to an end, with a crashing halt."

Not only will the band tour, Keith says there will be new material, as well. "After these many years working together, we have a lot of unfinished stuff to work on that we had to leave off the last album.”

"And knowing Mick, as I do, he's a very prolific writer,”
continued Richards. “I have ideas and we'll put them together in December or January. We're looking forward to working."

As for the reception to “Life,” reportedly the fastest-selling rock book, ever, Keith is very pleased.

“I’m quite amazed by it, quite honestly,” he laughed. “Hey, I expected some interest in Keith Richards telling his story but I didn’t expect anything like this. This is amazing to me. I feel like I’m on stage for the first time”

“This is a different thing for me," Keith said. "I’ve, been selling records for many years, but the book world is another world and it means different things so I’m sort of soaking it up at the moment.”

Hear the full BBC6 session with Keith here:

Keith Richards – interview with Sinead Garvan
BBC6 – London, UK

The The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones – Happy
Palais Royale – Toronto, ON – August 16, 2002

The Rolling Stones – If You Can’t Rock Me
Palais Royale – Toronto, ON – August 16, 2002