Friday, November 5, 2010

Rush’s Neil Peart requests $1 donations for Chilean earthquake relief

During Rush’s South American dates last month, drummer Neil Peart took the opportunity to combine “adventure travel” with “business travel” for the first time.

Peart, and riding partner, Brutus, hit the road on motorcycles between Rush concert dates, something Neil had never attempted before, preferring the care-free, leisurely pace of “adventure travel” as a trip without deadlines.

A seasoned rider, Neil writes about the adventure on his website here.

The journey, and the rescue of the Chilean miners, has inspired him to ask for fan/reader support, via $1 donations, to assist the Chilean earthquake relief efforts.

Dear Readers,

The staff here at—Our Eponymous Founder, plus Greg Russell, Minister of All Things Creative, and Brutus, the Manager over at Bubba's Bar 'n' Grill—want to try something new.

Brutus and Our Eponymous Founder recently toured South America (see attached story), and were moved by the amazing rescue of the trapped miners in Chile while they were there. During the more than two months that ”Los 33” were trapped underground, the Chilean Red Cross administered ”Camp Hope” on the surface, for the estimated 2,000 gathered family members and international media awaiting the rescue.

The resources of Chile's ”La Cruz Roja” had already been strained by the terrible earthquake that rocked the country in February of this year—one of the strongest ever recorded, measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale, it caused massive destruction and killed nearly 500 people.

So we'd like to help—and ask for your help in doing it.

We're suggesting a donation of a mere $1.00—in return for the following story that all of us have worked so hard on (either by ”living” it, writing it, photographing it, or making it look nice).

We thank you all.

You can make your $1.00 donation here.